Celebrating Cyber Security Awareness Month by creating Awareness

Technology has made life easier not only households but also businesses. However, technology has also paved way for cybercriminals to spread their roots and come up with new ways to attack businesses.  43% of these cyber attacks target small and medium businesses that are not prepared for such attacks. WeSecureApp did some research and understood that along with small and medium businesses, other easy victims of cybercrime are the non-profits/ NGOs. 69% of these non-profits don’t even have a response in place for such attacks.

October is Cyber Security Awareness month and WeSecureApp aims to create awareness related to the threats hovering on non-profits and NGOs. These organizations are so involved working for their causes that sometimes they don’t keep a budget aside for cybersecurity. But when affected, it can draw a bigger hole in their budget. To address the solution, WeSecureApp also aims to offer enterprise security and application security services at discounted rates.

Our goal this month is to help small businesses and non-profits take their first step towards cybersecurity.  This is the least we can do to appreciate the good work these organizations do.

Spread the word and help us reach more and more organizations and empower them with cybersecurity knowledge, resources and services if required.

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