Cyber Security breaches that shook 2018

Security breaches are more than someone breaking into a bank or ATM. In the cyber era, breaking into an organization’s systems and getting hold of sensitive data would have as strong an impact as any other major crime would. 2018 was the year of countless cybercrime instances. We have shortlisted the top 5 security breaches that made security analysts sit up and rework on their cybersecurity plan.

The Top 5 Security Breaches

CyberSecurity|Enterprise Security|Application Security|We Secure App|WeSecureApp|Exactis Security Breach| Security Breach 2018Exactis:  Nobody knew of this Florida-based firm, till a security breach exposed nearly 340 million individual records to the public, affecting more than 110 million businesses and 230 million consumers across the US. This breach is extremely disturbing as it exposed in-depth data about individuals which includes contact information, gender, age, interests, and behavioral data.

CyberSecurity|Enterprise Security|Application Security|We Secure App|WeSecureApp|MyFitnessPal|MyFitnessPalApp My Fitness Pal App: Under Armour’s My FitnessPal app faced a major security breach on February 2018. The usernames, passwords and email addresses of more than 150,000,000 users were exposed in the breach. The good thing about Under Armour is that it ensured the hashing of passwords and also processed credit card details separately. Had these details been exposed, the entire event would have affected the victims to another level.CyberSecurity|Enterprise Security|Application Security|We Secure App|WeSecureAppTesla: On June 14th, a Tesla employee claimed to have hacked the company’s confidential data and shared with unnamed 3rd Elon Musk emailed his employees about the breach and took the matter forward by conducting an investigation followed by a lawsuit.Facebook: In March 2018, the news broke about the leak of PII of more than 87 million Facebook users. Behind this breach was Cambridge Analytica- a political consulting firm based out of England. They carried out a survey which seemed to be for educational purpose while collecting PII of Facebook users. The breach became worse as it acquired the PII of not only the people who participated in the survey but also the friends of the participants.

CyberSecurity|Enterprise Security|Application Security|We Secure App|WeSecureAppAadhar data leak: The government always claimed highly of data security when it comes to the information associated with every Indian citizen’s Aadhar card. However, a secret agency started selling access to the entire Aadhar database for only 500INR. One could use the Paytm wallet to pay the “agent” and get access to an entire database with millions of Aadhar card details. The breach shook India as it exposed the vulnerability of the self-proclaimed secure system.

Why these breaches are scary?

If a tech giant like Tesla can fall for cybercrime, how safe is user data with smaller firms? A security breach not only impacts the organization but also impacts the users whose data has been leaked. Any user account information does not only include username and password but also holds confidential data like credit card details. An enterprise-level data hack can bankrupt a middle-class person also. Also, the risk also lies in trusting employees. An insider may cause a breach and lead to massive impact, exactly like what Tesla experienced.

Here comes the importance of enterprise and application security. Enterprises need to secure their systems by keeping some budget aside for cybersecurity. Setting up enterprise security comes cheaper than these breaches after all!

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