Strobes - Transforming DevOps into DevSecOps!

An Intelligent Web Application Scanner that Integrates with your Agile Framework.

Developed by Hackers for Developers

An advanced web application scanner that is being developed with the aim of bringing manual pentester’s though process to the scan engine’s logic. strobes is updated with all the latest attack vectors & bypasses which can promise far efficient results than that of current automated & manual assessment suits.

The dynamic nature of strobes scan engine can identify the context of the application and generates attack vectors that resembles manual pentesting to assess the defenses of an application. Due to its brilliant mind mapping abilities, strobes can correlate feature and functionalities of an application to deliver accurate results ensuring full coverage. Strobes has the potential to replace the traditional automated scanners and time consuming manual assessments.

Strobes is a proxy based solution that resides on the user’s browser in the form of an add-on and communicates with the scan engine hosted on cloud.

This approach has enabled strobes to be integrated with agile framework and tranforming your DevOps into DevSecOps. Hence strobes can be used by not only development team but also by QA team or internal security team providing a window to mitigate the vulnerabilities at the development phase itself saving a lot of time, effort and money.

Integration with DevSecOps


This proxy based scanner enables Developers, QA and DevOps to scan different modules/builds of the web application, find vulnerabilities and fix it in real time. The dashboard also promises amazing features like Cyber Security Health Index, Vendor Management and exclusive security bug management. Few of the advantages are listed below:

  • Integration with the agile framework.
  • Provides efficient scanning results as it is updated with latest attack vectors & bypasses.
  • Disover and resolve vulnerabilities in real time.
  • Strobes learns and perform custom contextual basis test cases on its own.
  • Can be integrated with platforms like Jira, Jenkins.
  • Reduces 40-50% of the manual penetration testing time and money.
  • Vulnerability Management Dashboard
  • Powerful metrics for C-level

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