Device Security (BYOD & IoT Security)

The Internet of Things connecting real world devices and their data with people is the way technology emerges today. Connecting it all - work, living and home; IoT is the way every possible domain -e-Commerce, travel, leisure, banking or healthcare is interconnected.

Add to it the simplicity and sophistication of the “things” themselves; the ever increasing number of devices go beyond the easily expected; laptops, smartphones, tablets, wearables to the totally unexpected; dishwasher, car, alarm, door bell, the list is endless turning environments into smart homes, smart offices, smart factories or even smart cities for smart living.

Connecting it all together, people, processes, devices and data through established techniques and the new ones like Cloud; IoT shoulders a huge responsibility of protecting the interconnected and their interconnections. Security Testing of IoT devices is imperative to keep these shielded from threats to the systems as well as for the safety of the data stored and exchanged over heterogeneous networks.

IoT security testing becomes critical as IoT becomes a reality today.

Multiple touch points from strikingly different things makes the challenge a huge one to deliver reliable connected living. Manufacturers comprehend the security concerns for IoT integrating protection policies while creating and deploying IoT based technology as a preventive measure. A perfect combination of software based testing with real time monitoring need to be put to use to design the appropriate security protocols for IoT.

Services for BYOD & IoT Security Testing

  • Security Assessment for BYOD & IoT components
    • IoT Attack Surface Areas identification
    • IoT Network Defences analysis
    • Predictions and Preventions
  • IoT Testing for the OWASP IoT Top 10 list
    • Insecure Web Interface
    • Insufficient Authentication/Authorization
    • Insecure Network Services
    • Lack of Transport Encryption
    • Privacy Concerns
    • Insecure Cloud Interface
    • Insecure Mobile Interface
    • Insufficient Security Configurability
    • Insecure Software/Firmware
    • Poor Physical Security
  • System Access Audits
    • Authentications
    • Verifications
  • Communications Safety Checks
  • Security Libraries Verification
    • Cryptographic Routines
    • Third Party
  • Audit Reports & Trails
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