VoIP Penetration Testing

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) a modern day technology used for telecommunications through an organizational network topology and hosted either by self or by a third party, goes a step beyond a routine phone connection. With features catering to multiple extensions, views of caller details, ability to record calls and log results, VoIP are in fact telephone systems with seamless integration to the common Enterprise Networks and are prone to external and internal attacks.

Multifaceted technology and modern day requirements increase the chance of complex assaults like call- tracking, call data manipulation, wire-tapping phone calls or even unauthorized recording of calls. Threats are posed to internal networks through VLAN because of data interchange between the client and the VoIP server.

VoIP Pen Testing determines the risks of attacks to these telecommunications based systems which are customarily employed in Enterprises.

Services for VoIP Penetration Testing

  • Recreate customer VoIP implementations
  • Comprehend VoIP configurations and Network designs
  • Physical voice port access checks
  • Traffic Capture and Eavesdropping
  • Caller Id Spoofing
  • Identify Denial of Service (DoS) vulnerabilities

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