Why Cyber Security Matters in

Companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Groupon have transformed the way we shop. Instead of having to get into our car and drive to a store to purchase a product, we can now order an item online and have it delivered to our front door in as little as a few hours. As appealing as this concept is, the very nature of this service makes it a very appealing target for cyber criminals wanting to steal credit card information and other sensitive personal data.

A breach will not only be expensive to remediate, but it will also severely damage the retailer’s reputation and online relationships with their customers. This could result in millions of dollars in lost revenue. As retailers continue to innovate their payment services with things like Apple Pay and Android Pay, they also increase their risk of an attack. Proper cyber security practices are the first line of defense against malicious parties.

Quick Stats

E-Commerce at a glance

$3.86 Million

The average cost of a data breach globally.


of customers terminated their relationship with an organization following a breach.


of breaches impacted small businesses.

Common Threats in E-Commerce


Manipulation of Orders


Tampering with Payments


Falsification of Refunds


Theft of PII data


Abuse of coupons and discounts

Cybercriminals like to shop around for data.
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