Why Cyber Security Matters in Education.

Educational institutions have regularly been at risk for cyber attacks. Research documents, student data, and other sensitive information are often held on large, open networks which makes it easier for cyber criminals to compromise the data’s security and take information without being noticed. Depending on the nature of the event, attacks can lead to widespread operational, reputational, or financial disruptions which can lead to loss of confidence in students, potential students, and staff.

Attacks often are not able to be detected in time or stopped due to lack of security staff and outdated hardware/software. At WSA, we look at every possible access point for an attack and address them so your research, your personal data, and your peace of mind can be preserved.

Quick Stats

Education at a glance


of educational organizations have fallen victim to ransomware attacks.


cyber attacks on public education institutions since 2016.

32 Million

records compromised in the first half of 2017.

Common Threats in Education


Manipulation of Data


Access Control Vulnerabilities


Loss of Personal Data


Loss of Proprietary Research Data


Compromise of Login Data

Your research and information are priceless.
Let us help you protect it.

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