Why Cyber Security Matters in FinTech.

As the digital financial ecosystem grows, it is a given that the amount of security risks grows along with it. This growth of security risks means more security professionals are needed - and often security departments are stretched very thin, leading to missed attacks and vulnerabilities. These attacks, when discovered and inevitably publicized leads to a loss of confidence in the users as well as multiple potential fines from other financial entities.

Attack patterns are starting to increasingly look like normal behavior - the threats are hiding in plain sight. In fact, some attacks are adaptive and have the ability to go dormant, making them extremely difficult to detect. In addition to this, attackers are getting more advanced. Their network of resources is growing, so naturally, your resources of defense need to grow proportionally. WSA can help.

Quick Stats

Fintech at a glance


more likely to experience a cyber attack.


attacks per second are launched against your average FinTech firm.

$16.8 Billion

lost to cyber criminals by banks in 2017.

Common Threats in Fintech


Manipulation of Transactions


Bypass of Two-Factor Authentication


Bypass of Fraudulent Controls


Loss of Personal Financial Data


Falsification of Identity (Spoofing)

Make sure your customers’ financial assets and information are safe.

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