Why Cyber Security Matters in HealthTech.

Healthcare organizations face a wide array of security requirements and challenges, as the very lifeblood of the organization is the information and data they possess. Sadly, over the past few years, healthcare organizations have seen a dramatic increase in cybersecurity attacks. The data that is most commonly targeted is protected health information or PHI. Due to this, in order for health information technology to be effective, there must be a certain level of trust established that PHI will be protected.

HealthTech is particularly at risk due to the constant convergence of biomedical devices, communications, and IT into new products, which makes developing new security protocol for these devices difficult without the proper security resources. In addition to this, lack of email controls and organization-wide security awareness makes phishing attacks and others of the like more successful on average.

Quick Stats

HealthTech at a glance

$5.6 Billion

annually spent on healthcare organizations to remediate damages by security breaches.

27 Million

patient records compromised in 2016.

3.12 TB

of internal files compromised in 2018 due to phishing attacks.

Common Threats in HealthTech


Manipulation of Data


Loss of Payment Information


Loss of Proprietary Research Data


Compromise of Patient’s PHI


Falsification of Identity (Spoofing)

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