Why Cyber Security Matters in Internet.

The internet economy and associated industry landscape is undergoing unprecedented growth and transformation. Services like data clouds have completely changed how consumers and businesses alike use the internet. The evolution of how we access our data, while impressive, also puts it at a significantly higher risk of being compromised in data breaches. Due to this, cyber security is one of the major focus areas impending the momentum of next generation data centers.

Personal information, payment data, and personal health information (PHI) are all incredibly sensitive pieces of data that are often stored or processed in the cloud. As more professional organizations in increasingly niche nature join the online business environment, unintended safety, privacy, and security risks are bound to arise. Organizations are constantly being challenged to anticipate the full spectrum of both intentional and unintentional threats that may expose vulnerabilities in their complex environment.

Quick Stats

Internet at a glance

60 Million

Americans were affected by identity theft in 2018.


of all targeted attacks occur in the United States.

196 Days

is the average amount of time it takes to identify a security breach.

Common Threats in Internet


Injection Attacks


Abuse of Cloud Services


Threats to APIs

Security Misconfigurations


Bypassing Security Controls

Make sure your customers’ personal information is safe.

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