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Why Cyber Security Matters in Media & Entertainment.

Services like Netflix and Hulu are changing how we absorb content online. Their popularity, complex production networks, and extensive use of third-party vendors makes them more attractive to cyber criminals. Customer payment data and confidential internal data are targeted as hackers both try to steal customer’s identities and leak information on the organization’s productions.

Worldwide, media and entertainment organizations are looking to provide more enriched, customized services to their users, which means that more personal data is gathered on the consumers therefore giving cyber criminals more data to try and gain access to. With the ever maturing online media and entertainment landscape, it is necessary that organizations take necessary actions to preserve their data as well.

Quick Stats

Media & Entertainment at a glance


of media and entertainment firms experienced cyber-attacks in a 12-month period.


of all cyber attacks on media and entertainment firms were virus based.

1 in 5

media and entertainment firms did not know if their vendors had been hacked in the last year.

Common Threats in Media & Entertainment


Loss of Confidential Production Information


Loss of Personal Financial Data


Tampering with Subscription Payments


Compromise of Login Credentials


Corruption of Data

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