Why Cyber Security Matters in Startups.

Often times, security is overlooked in smaller companies. Sadly, it is a common ideology that since a company is smaller, it somehow stays off the radar for cyber criminals and other malicious entities. This is absolutely not the case. If you handle any type of data on an
electronic device, that data is at risk of being compromised by a hacker. Start Ups are often lacking in the security realm due to frequent lack of qualified staff, relatively low funding to dedicate to security, and the absence of proper security protocol in the SDLC.

This is where we come in. At WeSecureApp, we focus on not only solving immediate vulnerabilities, but also on training your development staff and informing necessary parties on proper security protocol so your cybersecurity posture increases constantly.

Quick Stats

Startups at a glance


of small to medium sized companies have experienced some kind of cyber attack


of companies were aware of their data being compromised.


of small business owners believe they are not at risk for a cyber security attack.

Common Threats in Startups


Manipulation of Transactions


Bypass of Two-Factor Authentication


Bypass of Fraudulent Controls


Loss of Personal Financial Data


Falsification of Identity (Spoofing)

Keep your creation safe, you worked hard on it.

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