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Why Cyber Security Matters in Technology & BPO.

The issue of information security and data privacy is assuming tremendous importance among global organizations, particularly in an environment marked by computer ransomware and virus outbreaks, hackings and destruction of vital data owing to targeted attacks.

The worldwide trend towards offshore outsourcing of processes and IT services lead to the placing of valuable data and information infrastructure into the hands of the service providers. This is creating the need for information security solutions that will protect customers' information assets. As crucial information of a financial, insurance, medical and personal nature begins to get handled by remotely located offshore outsourcing service providers, there is a growing concern about the manner in which the data is being collected, stored and utilized by in-house or third party applications.

Quick Stats

Technology & BPO at a glance

1.4 Billion

records compromised in 2017 from technology companies.


of all Cyber Attacks occurred in the IT sector.


of IT companies experienced a cyber attack in 2017.

Common Threats in Technology & BPO


Manipulation of Data


Compromise of Login Credentials


Interception of Calls and Data


Corruption of Data


Complete Loss of Data

Make sure your customers' records are safe.

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