Why Cyber Security Matters in Telecom.

The Telecommunications industry is ever-changing and growing rapidly. As more progressively advanced telecom technologies are released, more advanced cybersecurity concerns are introduced with it. Aside from severe financial loss, cyber attacks can lead to regulatory sanctions, business continuity disruptions, lawsuits, and staggering reputations. No single telecom sector company, big or small, is safe.

As cyber criminals become increasingly savvy, organizations often find themselves hopelessly outmatched as the secure passwords, identities, and financial records of their employees and customers falls prey to attacks. Most telecom customers will at some point fall victim to a cyber attack, whether or not they know about it is another story.

Quick Stats

Telecom at a glance


of all security incidents in 2017 occurred in the telecom sector.

3 out of 10

biggest security breaches in 2017 occurred in the telecom sector.


in number of records compromised out of all industries surveyed in 2017.

Common Threats in Telecom




Interception of Calls and Data


Loss of Customer Records


Tampering with Usage Data


Falsification of Identity (Spoofing)

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