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With multiple known education institutions losing the personal and financial data due to cyber attacks in the recent years, one of the prime questions which are consistent across the industry is, with such a unique environment laying emphasis on BYOD, freedom of information, decentralized IT / Information security practices, how should the institutions have the adequate protection against cyber threats?

If we see holistically most of the underlying challenges pertaining to the educational institutions is primarily due to the way they operate i.e. open networks, large volumes of data and freedom of public access expose them to a variety of cyber threats and risks. Provided the transcending number of data breaches over recent years, more and more institutions within the education sector is making Cyber Security a larger priority of the overall business ecosystem via investing more in technology, training, and skilled employees.

We at WSA understand that the education industry around the world is maturing with new technology, intense globalization and employers’ demands for global skill sets. However, the maturity of the sector and facilitating faster adoption of technology is not without any risk. Multiple cyber attacks with super sophisticated attack vectors are increasing the momentum of cyber security and risk management requirements. Security processes and controls are required to be clearly defined and enforced across parties through monitored SLAs and implementation and effectiveness of these controls need to be regularly audited.

Cyber attacks against education institutions do have a wide operational, reputational or financial impact, depending on the nature of the attack. It is understood that financially motivated attacks, such as ransomware, can have a significant financial and operational impact on the higher education institution. However, cyber attacks of any kind can also result in a loss of confidence in the institution among current staff, faculty, students and prospective students.

Thus, to safeguard the institution’s most valuable information, as well as its reputation it is required for education institutions to ask themselves the following:

  • Does the security considerations for the education institution accurately describe the types of information collected, how the information is used, to whom the information is disclosed, how the information is protected and how users will be notified of relevant changes?
  • Do the institution's network and business application design, accurately describe the technologies and security to be utilized or provisioned used by the web site to improve the security of end users without compromising their experience?
  • Do the security policy address data aggregation and use of anonymized data?
  • How securely does the institution retain the security logs and enable security logging to identify potential attacks to the institution?

We at WSA primarily focuses on the following security service aspects for Education industry:

  • Building and maintaining a secure network
  • Protecting personal and sensitive data
  • Maintaining a periodic consistent vulnerability management program
  • Executing robust access control measures as per the implementation plan
  • Regularly conducting network architecture reviews, monitoring and testing networks (including measures such as Network Access Controls etc.)
  • Maintaining an information security policy which creates a “system” for the organization to be followed across deployments

How can WSA help?

For mitigating all the cyber security risks relevant to the healthcare ecosystem, we primarily emphasize on the following WSA cyber security services:

  • Architecture and design review - We lay emphasis on the security review of the infrastructure and application technical security architecture emphasizing on identifying and mitigating potential security weakness in the design.
  • Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing – We have extensive vulnerability management skills and deep experience in conducting detailed penetration testing activities.
  • Security Compliance and – WSA's security controls based maturity model is used in conjunction with a customized capability matrix for clients (designed and contained as per the individual applications), to define the current state of the client security program and supporting governance capabilities.
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) – We understand multiple organizations have highly skilled developers with an exclusion of how to align security practices with their exclusive development skills. We at WSA look forward to using this opportunity; to train the developers thought process, towards key security areas across application / infrastructure / middleware, which they should consider towards prior initializing and developing the application.
    On the go basis, along with secure coding practices churned towards industry applications and businesses – we also do a comprehensive threat modeling so to identify the key potential weak spots existing as per the design and with periodic secure code review and penetrating testing we would look forward to securing the application end to end.
  • Security Operations Center – We assist organizations with enterprise-wide security log collection, storage, reporting and querying for all supported technology assets along with providing unique blend of device threat intelligence feeds from multiple commercial and open source feeds.
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