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New technologies and changing demographics allow the emergence of new telecom services. By 2020, many mature technologies will be available and will provide different, co-existing wireless network architectures and solutions. We understand that the key requirements for successful ubiquitous wireless communications are interoperability between different networks and increased level of security across many network architectures.

Beyond inflicting severe financial loss, cyber attacks can lead to regulatory sanctions, business continuity disruptions, lawsuits and staggering reputational damage. No business or telecom sector organization is safe. As cyber criminals become increasingly savvy, organizations often find themselves hopelessly outmatched as their employees’, customers’ or constituents’ private data – from sensitive customer records and secure passwords to IP loss and even identities – falls prey to these concerted attacks.

As industries become more interdependent, the pace of change accelerates and reliance on cyber grows, the potential for catastrophic physical and economic damage mounts. To protect against these cyber threats, organizations need more powerful cyber security solutions – ones that allow them to identify threats in real time, limit exposures, reduce time to recovery and prevent future attacks. Specifically for telecom, we understand that the increasingly complex, miniature, and intelligent devices will emerge and be integrated into the next generations of terminals and network equipment.

With the advent of new technologies in the near to medium term future, several different network architectures will co-exist in addition to networks with controlled and managed access points increasing the scope of cyber attacks.

Telecom organizations are facing a perfect storm of:

  • Increasing numbers of vulnerabilities that are more easily exploited
  • Attacks are increasingly targeted
  • Attackers increasingly using multiple attack routes
  • It is very likely telecom customers will be subject to a successful cyber attack, whether they know about it is another story

Which causes potential significant business impact across:

  • Revenue of the organization
  • Financial losses/ share price
  • Regulatory challenges
  • Costs of remediation / investigation
  • Brand / reputation
  • The impact on operational capabilities
  • Loss of intellectual property

New business goals and new ways of working are driving business innovation and growth, but these expose to new and emerging threats.

How can WSA help?

We understand that a successful cyber attack on a telecommunications operator may possibly disrupt service for thousands of phone customers, numerous Internet service for millions of consumers, and has the potential to blackout government operation

We at WSA have extensive experience conducting comprehensive security testing for telecom organizations, particularly large global operators, which are recasting themselves as technology companies. We do a comprehensive threat modeling so to identify the key potential weak spots existing across technologies and infrastructure provisioning VoIP services and private clouds.

As Telecom organizations are combining mobility and cloud to construct an innovative set of operations model, we at WSA provide the following set of security services to cope up with the new frontiers of cyber risks.

  • Architecture and design review - We lay emphasis on the security review of the telecom operators – infrastructure and application technical security architecture, emphasizing on identifying and mitigating potential security weakness from the design stage
  • Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing – We have extensive vulnerability management skills and deep experience in conducting comprehensive penetration testing activities for telecom operators and large technology firms.
  • Security Operations Center – Our skilled workforce has broad experience with telecom organizations providing managed security and monitoring services along with a unique blend of threat intelligence capabilities.
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