Secure Code Review.

Review of your software or application from the inside out, noting possible
vulnerabilities in your code before at an early stage in development or
after the development.

About Secure Code Review


Detection of vulnerabilities during the early stages of SDLC prevents bugs in the later stages of development. Any undetected vulnerability would lead to an insecure application. Static application security testing is the process that helps in the identification of any insecure piece of code which could cause a potential vulnerability in the later stages of the development process. The secure code review process enables an intrinsic view of the existing security issues.


An Hybrid Approach : Manual & Automated Review

Our code review is combination of both manual and automated techniques. Automated tools are highly effective at assessing large amounts of code and pointing out possible issues, but it takes the human touch and mind to verify results and calculate the risks of the findings.
Before the application code gets compiled into an executable process, static code review is performed against it.
Sometimes new changes in the code bring along new issues. Security regression is the process that ensures no new issues due to the new changes that have been implemented. From the security perspective, this often comes into play when the implementation of service packs or patches begins. This kind of review is mandatory to ensure that no new vulnerabilities or misconfigurations or for that matter any other issues aren’t introduced into the application’s environment.

How it Works:



Pre-assessment and Goals

This includes planning and scoping the review, as well as collecting any initial information and documentation that’s needed to get started with the code review.



Application Code Review

This is the primary phase of the audit where one can look for various checks mentioned in the methodology.



Documentation and Analysis

This involves collecting the results of the review, as well as helping you evaluate the meaning of what was done, what the results are, and what are the risks your product or company could be facing.



Remediation Support

Finally, the team receives support to evaluate the fixes that they prepare, or to report bugs that were found in third-party libraries.

What can be tested?

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
Web Services
Thick Clients


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Vimal Nair

Chief Technology Officer


We are extremely pleased with the results of Secure Source Code Auditing service from WeSecureApp (WSA). The expert team at WSA were able to identify a large list of vulnerabilities that were missed by our internal team reviews and multiple third party PEN testers. The WSA team was proactive in ensuring that the fixes were applied correctly, including multiple code reviews as well as follow up tests. Without a review from the experts at WSA, I believe we would be operating our critical applications with a false sense of security.